Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Flies

We bid goodbye to summer and welcome the rainy month of June. I still cannot believe that summer break is over. The kids are back from their vacation and I really have not accomplished much of my to do list. Today is the first day of classes for Bujoi. He is now in Grade School which means I have to put aside most of my to do list as my hands would be full planning meals, snacks, looking at assignment notebooks, buying stuff for school projects. I could not believe Grade School will be this stressful. Good thing that we have chosen a school that will be our partner in bringing up our children. The school is very open to communication because they strongly believe that communication is a key to a better partnership as we mold our children according to God's will and purpose for their lives. The school believes that having receive a gift from God, it is our primary responsibility to bring out the best in them for God's greater glory.