Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dinos Alive World Tour

As part of Bujoi's Birthday celebration, we went to Dinos Alive World Tour. It was almost 6 pm when we reached the place and so it was already dusk then. It was dark inside the Theme Park which makes the life size dino robots scary.

Happy Birthday Bujoi!

Bujoi turned five last January 15. With a very limited budget, we made him choose how he wanted to celebrate his birthday few
weeks before his birthday. Here are his options:

a) Fun ranch celebration with selected friends
b) Birthday party in his school
c) Dinos Alive World Tour with a party celebration at home with our neighbor/friends

Long before his birthday, he saw the Red Ribbon ad along EDSA and everytime we pass the ad, he'd always say he wanted to have Ben 10 for his birthday cake.

Here's the birthday celebration with our neighbors.

The choco fountain is the star of the party.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Amazing Blog Race

I joined the Cuttlebug Luv Bug Blog Hop. So far, I have collected 10 words already. I just need to collect 12 more, which means I have to visit 12 more blogs. I have a guess though, but I need all the DTs post their words before I can send out my mail...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

LuV Bug Challenge

Cuttlebug is hosting a weekend challenge. Lots of prizes will be given away. Come and join the fun. Click here for details.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baot Ride

Joie always asks us to make paperboats. Last December, he had a chance to experience his first boat ride. While we were playing with the waves, we saw some boats nearby. You cannot sense any fear from this boy when he had his boat ride.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When the kids are away the mom will play

We went to Asian Hospital last Saturday for Kuya's annual checkup. He had two shots, MMR booster and flu vaccine. Afterwards, we visited my sister in Sucat. It seems the kids had not seen each other for years that they don't leave. So we asked them if they'd like to stay and sleep over. And they did. DH and I headed home. After few hours of silence, we missed the kids so much so DH decided to pick them up. While the kids were away, I have the freedom to bring my things out of my little nook and started workin on these. Time to renew my subscription with Studio Azul so I have to make room for upcoming kits.
Just sneaked into the site and the January kit is really a goodness!

Here are my projects using the August 2008 Kit - Wouldn't It Be Nice

This is from their Limited Edition Kits - Red, Red Wine way back September 2007. Inspired by Cabbie's use of Beadazzles. Thanks for the inspiration Cabbie!

New Arrival

Camaso family is growing!!!Presenting, Audrey Gem....

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Bujoi turns 5 today. I cannot believe I have a 5-year-old boy now. Where has all the time gone?

Playing with the Waves

This is Tondol Beachfront. We have to walk around 25 meters from the shoreline to catch these waves.


Here's some more of Joie's holiday pictures.

Kids just love playing in the sand. And it's good that the kids can enjoy the sand everytime we take our vacation at Tondol, Anda, Pangasinan. The beach is nice. May not be as white but it has finer sands than that of Boracay's.

Be it Resolved

As 2008 ends, I promised myself that for 2009, I will resolve only on one item so that I can focus on getting it done and that is Stewardship - of time, talent, treasure, tribe, territory and tradition.

I will use my time wisely.
I will seek opportunities to offer my talents to the Lord.
I will be accountable for all the treasures God will provide us.
I will be proud to be a Filipino and will buy Filipino.
I will look after God given territory and
I will honor and observe family and Filipino tradition.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The water feels freezing cold as it falls from my head, boyd and down to my feet. It was a quick bath. I ran the soap across my body and I am done in a snap. The past month has registered the lowest electric bill. We've convinced the kids to use the air cooler instead of the airconditioning unit. They would always sleep right through the vent but I would always cuddle up and seek the comfort of my blanket...We only get to enjoy this weather once a year. I hope this lasts for a while.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Holiday Pictures

Joie had a homework on the first day of class for this year - bring pictures of activities done during the holidays. Ish patiently selected from hundreds of photos, cropped and edited them. Liked how they turned out. I told him he was able to finish an album in one sitting.

It's becoming a tradition to watch the COD Christmas show at the Greenhills shopping center. We had a joint celebration for FILs birthday and Ivan and Liza's baby shower. We headed to Greenhills right after dinner.

We spent Christmas at Tondol, Anda Pangasinan. Kids are already excited to open their gifts early Christmas morn. In the afternoon is a family tradition to have games and prizes for the relatives within the neighborhood.
After the kids opened their gifts, we headed to the beach for some fun. Kids had a blast building sandcastles.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Been hibernating for ages. Weather has been so perfect to cuddle up and sleep for hours. Our phone line has been having problem since we left for the holidays and up to now PLDT technician has not showed up. I need to catch up with so many things yet this thing is keeping me from doing it. I wonder why I did not feel such need to go online when we were in the province. It could be the feeling that it takes me away from where I am, goes to another place and momentarily allows me to forget the things I’ve got to do.

So much has been said. Let me leave you a New Year greeting from our family to yours.

God bless you with protection and safety
God bless you with good health
God bless you with success and promotion
God bless you with wisdom and discernment for all your decisions
God bless whatever and whoever your hand touches
God bless you with love not only for yourself but for others
God bless you with joy that casts away tears
God bless you with peace that passes all understanding
God bless you with a faith that grows deeper each day.