Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wais Wednesday #16 - DVD Collection

The husband's growing DVD collection is beginning to eat up space at home. Soon it's gonna clash with my scrap space. Good thing I found a site where we can register to download real and legal movies!. Just the right timing because the husband recently bought an external 1TB hard disk  Since we also have issues on DVDs scratches as soon as the kids get their hands on them, it would be easy for me to convince husband to join in and register.

Crafty Friday #9 - Vintage Tag

Here is the photo of a tag I worked on for swap. Perhaps I should also have a happy mail day post to highlight what I receive from the post.

It was created using patterned paper, washi tape and book pages adhered to a cardboard. Distress ink is applied over the paper and after drying, different vintage images are randomly stamped in the tag. To finish off, I randomly applied embossing ink on the edges and pour embossing powder randomly.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Sketch #5

My goal is to complete the sketch challenge in FSC, never mind if most of the time though, I get to work on the sketches after the challenge deadline. So here is my late take on sketch #6.

The background is a Prima paper way back 2 or 4 years ago. Yes, it is so gorgeous I almost did not want to use it. The flowers are handcut from BoBunny paper, while the cages are from Basic Grey paper.

I also used Maya Road bird chipboard painted with Ranger crackle paint and coated with white Tattered Angels glimmer glam. I love the one in white bacause you can use it to coat for any surface. The Basic Grey chipboard letter set is becoming a favorite. One pack contains so many letters I have used them already for several layouts and mini ablums yet there are still enough letters for several more layouts.

Apologies for the resolution because I am only taking pictures from my cellphone. This allows me to take a picture of the layout and post right away. I find it too cumbersome to detach the SD card from the camera, connect it to USB and attach it to PC.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Crafty Friday #8: Someone stop me

I always keep telling myself to stop signing up for any new swaps. Well I did, for a week. But after I got all my from my partners and amazed by their works of art, I am hooked and kept on signing up.

Here are few more ATCs and handmade postcard for my previous swaps.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wais Wednesday #15: Coffee Love

I am a coffee drinker, brewed, black, with sugar and cream, 3-in-1, in whatever form. There are just days that feel so incomplete without a cup of coffee.

Recently, I came across people who bring with them as a "baon" wherever they go, which is so smart since 3-in-1 pack makes it all the more convenient. All you need is a cup and hot water.

Hmm, I told myself, why not? So this time around, one of the staples in my bag is a pack of 3-in-1 coffee, ready to go, just add hot water.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Today we celebrate the third year anniversary of our business - Camaso Rice Dealer. Thank you to our partners, rice mill partners and clients who constantly believe in us and the quality of our products. Above all, our appreciation to our God, who provides for our needs for the business, who works in His miraculous ways to meet our needs for our capital and who continually strengthens us to move ahead and forward since He told us three years ago to take that step of faith. To Him be the glory.

Find out more about our business and products at

Friday, September 14, 2012

Crafty Friday #7: It's raining ATCs

Yay! Crafty Friday is running on two months and it keeps on coming. I am thankful that I discovered the world of ATCs which gives me a break from creative rut. I made these ATCs for the swap in Swap-bot, but soon I hope I can make ATCs just for fun and for the sake of art.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

MMM Online Crop and Scrap Date with Mel

Last Friday, August 31, a group of Filipino scrappers had an online crop in FB from 9pm - 12mn. Sketches and challenges were posted during the crop period for the participants to work in until Sunday. It was a very productive crop event for many and tons and tons of inspiration from various scrappers were flowing in for three days. Since I have work until 12 mn of August 31, I only managed to complete one layout that night, after my shift.

The following day, a fellow scrapper friend Mel invited me over for a crop session at her place. I was able to do three layouts, one using a sketch from the previous night's online crop. I was able to complete them (with title and journalling) just recently.

I used very old papers I have in my stash. I have a lot of de-stashing to do and so glad I can still use them despite the recent releases of papers, embellies and any other stuff manufacturers can think of.
I just incorporated new techniques and trends just so the papers won't look really outdated. Glad they worked well even with the papers and you couldn't really tell how old the papers are.

These additional four layouts add to my total output to date of 26 layouts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wais Wednesday #14: Source of Wisdom

These wais tips are nothing compared with the wisdom that comes from the Lord. When Solomon became king, he did not pray fro riches, he did not pray for long life, but there is only one thing he asked from the Lord - wisdom. Wisdom to rule his people, so that he can address their concerns and resolve conflicts. The Lord was delighted in Solomon's desire that He did not only give him wisdom but He gave him riches and long life.

Our source of wisdom comes from the Lord and He even said in His word in James 1:5 - that if anyone of us lacks wisdom he should ask the Lord who gives generously without reproach. The Bible is our one-stop reference and full of guidance about how we should live our roles, as children, parents, husbads, wives, employees, businessman and so on. There is not any book published similar to the
Bible that is a catch-all guide. After all, all words in the Bible are breathe by God. So next time we have a question in life, let us go to the Bible, let us go to God.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Life

The past few weeks I have been thinking if I should do the Project Life or not. I have seen a lot of Filipino scrappers doing Project Life and has inspired me to try it out. After all, the reason I am scrapping is to document every day, the every day miracles and the evey day blessings from the Lord. And the best way to do this is through Project Life. Now is also the best time for me to do this since I am now working from home, I will have the chance to document our everyday stories.

The next question is whether or not to start now or wait until 2013. Memories are created everyday, and I told myself, better to start now and test the waters in preparation for 2013. I have consistently taken pictures since the beginning of September. I redeemed Canon Selphy photo printer from Citibank (I am still waiting for delivery though and there's a long story behind it). Pretty much, I think I am ready and for these reasons, I have decided to start working in my Project Life.

I am adopting the process/system from Tracy Sue Alarcon-Nocon. She uses 9x9 baseball card, just the size for ATCs, which is just perfect since I am into ATC swap as well. It was originally intended for my ATC swap and currently the first page houses the ATCs I received from various swaps. I still have 9 pages which I can use as a starter. She uses A4 binder to bind the pages and sometimes uses clear sheet protectors in various sizes for bigger pictures, ephemeras and what-have-yous. Here is the link for more details in her Project Life process.

Hopefully I can start printing the pictures since I am already two weeks behind.

Here are few more links from Julie Fan Balzer on how she does her Project Life plus few more links from other scrappers.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Crafty Friday #6: Watercolor pencils

I am glad I joined ATC swaps. Pushes my creativity and allows me to bring out those tools from the box and finally put them to use. Yes, I always have this feeling that I should use them sparingly but in the end not using them at all. But now, since I joined swaps, I am taking them out of the box, try them on and explore my creative side.

I used to join only those swaps that are easy for me, but since I have been playing around with watercolors, this time around I picked the ATC watercolor challenge. Several ATC had to go to the trash before I finally got the groove of using watercolor and watercolor pencils and became satisfied with my work. I have seen a Donna Downey video about making poppies and she does it with a breeze. And true enough as I tried it. I never realized I can do this - I can draw and paint!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wais Wednesday #13: Double purpose shrimp

Today the kids' lunch is buttered shrimp. I usually include the entire shrimp, head and not deboned when I cook buttered shrimp but this time around I thought of removing the head and deboning the shrimp.

Later in the stay, I used mortar and pestle to pound the heads and extract shrimp juice which was used to enhance the flavor of our lomi for lunch.

Hmm, looks like I am gonna do this again. I just love the taste of shrimp!!! I might as well try adding the shrimp heads to the famous Ilocano dish - dinengdeng. Am excited to do this.

Mini Album Swap

Here are the pages for my mini album swap. I hope Cecil will appreciate these simple pages.
First Page, three pockets on the side and one at the top.

Second Page, left side space for photo, right side can be space for photo or journalling.

Third Page a photomap on the left side, plus a pocket which can be used for additional photo or journalling.  Right side is a pocket envelope for additional photos or journalling.
Fourth Page - left side another page for photo and pocket for photo or journalling and right side, tiny album for photos and journalling plus pocket on top.
Last Page, left side, a pocket inside a pocket and right side is a place for photo.