Monday, May 3, 2010

Public holiday at Divi

is not at all fun. Divi shopping has always been fun and pleasant for me. But not on a holiday. Divi is a place where you can really get good bargains on almost all items you can think of. Name it and you can find it there. You must have the patience to look for it. I was busy over the weekend and so I postponed my trip to Divi on a Monday. It was a holiday anyway. My usual route to Divi is to take MRT from Guadalupe Station going to Taft, transfer from MRT to LRT and alight at Carriedo Station. From Carriedo, either I take a jeep or just walk all the way to Juan Luna. I seldom do the second option because by the time I reach Juan Luna,  I am already exhausted and do not have the energy to go to all the stalls I want. On the way home, either husband and the kids will pick me up at Wa-Ying, where we usually feast on noodles and dimsum or I take the Pasig Ferry going back to Guadalupe.

During this trip, I have to buy hundreds of shirts for printing for the upcoming elections, uniforms for Bujoi and plastic bags for the store. I took the pedicab and asked to bring me to the Ferry Station. I have a feeling that the Ferry might be closed on the holiday and as a back up plan, I also asked the driver if he can bring me to Carriedo if the Ferry is closed. And so it was.

I do not mind taking public transportation. But this time, I have bags loaded with shirts on both hands, and climbing the stairs and transferring from LRT to MRT is a feat.  So next time, I will never plan a trip to Divi on a holiday, without bringing a car or having husband pick me up when shopping is done.