Saturday, February 28, 2009

Practice makes perfect

They say practice makes perfect... I have my Canon 300D for more or less 4 years now but I don't really shoot. It's main purpose is to take good photos of my kids. Last week, I joined Citi Camera Club Ferry to Old Manila Photoshoot. We took the Pasig Ferry from Guadalupe station down to Mexico Station in Intramuros.

Thanks to Photoshop. I was able to take good pictures, I think! Here's my take for Quezon Bridge in Quiapo...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am beautiful

As you cruise along EDSA, you won't miss those huge billboards left and right, almost 90% of which are about looking good, getting fair complexion and defying age. Some clinics would hire top rated celebrities as their endorsers and would create an advertisement package that is really enticing and alluring. These days, cosmetic surgeries are getting more and more popular that dermatological clinics are growing like mushrooms. Whitening supplements are becoming just like a daily dose of vitamin.

How can we forget?

Psalm 139:14 declares, "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well"

I declare. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, created after God's image. Every aspect of my body, every little bone, every dark spot. There are no mistakes.

We just have to bring out the beauty which God has put inside of us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spreading Cheers

Here's the Little Ambassador's for Christ as they are spreading cheers to POH Pediatric Ward Patients.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Behind Bars

The hospital building looks dilapidated. Almost next to an abandoned building. Then we entered a basketball court full of hospital beds and I couldn't help but wonder, why here?

I felt my heart as if it stopped beating as I entered the Pediatric Ward of the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. The patients looked as if they are behind bars. I can see the sadness in each child's eyes being locked up in beds, no freedom to run, explore and be carefree. Some of the patients have been there for three weeks already, others for only few days.

So we started with the program, introduced the Little Ambassadors for Christ. A group of young children singing for Christ, spreading joy to everyone. The patients enjoyed, some who are on their wheelchair managed to go in front to get a better view.
Here are the pictures during the TGSUMC Young Adult Fellowship and Little Ambassadors for Christ joint hospital ministry at the Philippine Orthopedic Center

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pick of the Week

I was able to scrap with a friend last Saturday while waiting for our kids to finish practicing for their presentation for our hospital ministry. I was not able to finish onsite so I resumed scrapping at home.

So glad I started to open my Boxer paper pack and off I finished 4 layouts using Basic Grey papers.

Materials used: Cardstock; Making memories paint; Uniball Signo pen; Basic Grey Recess Paper; Fancy Pants Chipboards; American Crafts Chipboard Alpha; Heidi Swapp Chipboard Alpha; All Night embossing media
Materials used: Bazzill Cardstock; Making memories brad; Uniball Signo pen; Basic Grey Perhaps Paper; Fancy Pants Rubons and Stamp; Cosmo Cricket Chipboard Alpha; Miscellaneous Ribbon

Materials used: Basic Grey Boxer Papers; Basic Grey rubons; American Crafts alphas; Prima Felt Matties; Jenni Bowlin sticker die cut; Making memories tiny alpha

Materials used: Basic Grey Boxer Papers, Die Cut Stickers; Around the Block Typewritter tool; Doodlebug paper frills

Sunday, February 8, 2009


With the current financial crisis, everyone is worried and no one is spared. Well I thought the Philippines is already used to recession. Hundreds are jobless and hundreds are living below the poverty line. But companies are starting to close down and project are getting cancelled so there is no choice but to release people.

Am I beginnning to worry about others? What will happen to those who have kids? Those who need to send their children to school? Those who have mortgages?

Thanks to those who are willing to help make ends meet. Thanks to those who are lending their hands.

This reminds me of the little boy in the bible who shared his 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish. It may have be impossible how these will be enough for the multitude of people, but the boy has faith. But out of the goodness of his heart, Jesus did a miracle and the 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish was more than enough to feed 5,000 people, and there were 12 basket of leftovers.

These trying times is not the time to be selfish. Let us help one another, encouraging and praying for one another...and Jesus will do miracles in our lives.

References John 6:1-14

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Morning Rush

Every morning this week has been chaotic. Bujoi wakes up late so we have to rush on our daily weekday routine getting dress for school and work. Add to that, I have to spend 5-10 minutes for my daily litany as our household help has not been so effective lately. It's the litany that is becoming so tiring and disappointing.

Don't we just feel our life to be always in a middle of storm? It could be life's "little storm" from morning rush to office deadlines, for your own financial problems to global crisis, from coughs and colds to severe case of pneumonia, from relationship problems to separations?

We feel so much pressure that the world is falling on us? We feel the waves eating us, the gush of wind throwing us away?

We feel helpless and we want to cry out for help.

This is what the disciples felt when they were crossing the Sea of Galilee. A large storm comes up with the waves beating the ship that the boat threatens to sink. And Jesus was asleep. So all the more the disciples were scared. Jesus remained sleeping despite the commotion probably because He wanted to test the faith of his disciples.

Are you feeling the same way? In the midst of a storm, crying out for help but nobody listens? God must be testing your faith. Cry out harder. Open your heart and burdens to Him, and there you will find His lovingkindness, His gentle hands taking all your worries away. Let Him control your life just as he can calm the raging storm, He will bring you peace.

Reference: Mark 4:35-40

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a New Month

Can't believe January is over. It feels like yesterday when we ushered the new year, all with high hopes, resolutions and plans for the year.

Keeping just one resolution works for me, i think.


Tribe - I have been consciously looking for Made in the Philippines in all my purchases. Except for one, though. One night, we passed by the Fort, I suddenly felt craving for Sonja's cupcake. Sonja's cupcake with all its goodness and cost is a luxury for me. So we stopped by Serendra to get some cupcake. While I was at the store, I noticed several mini American flags displayed all over. Its as if I was transported to another place and I did not feel right. Was it because I was breaking my resolution? Or was it I was disappointed thinking that it's something Filipino made which I can be proud of but I was wrong.

Treasure - we had a good start on giving our tithes to our church. It's the attitude of giving that you acknowledge that God can meet and even surpass all your needs.

Territory - We have never used our aircon for the whole month. That means we help reduced carbon dioxide emission and that's our share for our environment. I just hope everyone realizes that we need to sacrifice a little for our Mother Earth and even for our own sake.

Time - I will not give myself a passing mark here. I am still struggling to make use of my time wisely. I know there are still wasted time, so I just have to be productive during idle times.

Talent - I have been teaching in Sunday School for the past three weeks. I hope that kids will learn more about Jesus as I try to share my knowledge to them.

Tradition - hmm...maybe it's time to begin a family tradition that we can pass on to the coming generations....

That's far so good...