Sunday, November 9, 2008

CY Design Team Call

Creatively Yours is looking for new designers. View complete announcement here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two Layouts Same Photo

Hope everyone had a great halloween. My kids had a blast trick or treating in my office and their dad's office.

Here are two layouts I created for my boys. I normally create two layouts for pictures of my two boys together since they will be going to two different albums.

Here is a layout I did recently.

Meanwhile, here is a layout I did last year using the same photos.

Not only that my style has evolved but there have been lots of available products in the market recently.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday Is Weigh In Day

I was able to lose the half pound I gained last week. It only means that I've reached a point where my exercise and my food intake is almost at equilibrium. Either I have to increase my exercise or reduce my food intake to be able to shed off additional weight.

Another option is to try Fit 'n Right.An officemate drinks Fit 'n Right. Well I said, I might give it a try. However, there is a fine print that the recommended consumption be 3 servings a day and with proper diet and exercise to be able to lose 16% of body fat in 6 weeks.

The study was conducted among professionals ages 19-30.I am doing the math. Fit 'n Right costs P25 for retail at 7-11. My investment is 3150 for 6 weeks of trial. It will be cheaper to buy in groceries.I might give it a try to prove that it works for my age bracket too. Let us see after 6 weeks.

Start Weight: 134 lbs
Current Weight: 133 lbs
Total Weight Loss to Date: 1 lb
Personal Goal: 120 lbs
Overall Goal: 115 lbs
Weight to Lose: 14 lbs
Weigh In Day - Friday Morning

Monday food diary:Breakfast - rice, egg and tomato omelette, mcdo hamdesal with egg and cheese, hash brown
Lunch - paella, shepherd's pie at mom and tina's bakeshop in perea
Dinner - half cup rice and pork nilagaSnacks - 2 pcs mini empanada
Water - 8 glassess..

Exercise journal: walking back and forth from office to perea

Tuesday food diary:Breakfast - half cup rice and tocino
Lunch - hotshots burger at the enterprise
Dinner - pansit and a slice of cake
Snacks -
Water - 8 glasses

Exercise journal: threadmill and weights!! yes, back to the gym!!!

Wednesday food diary:
Breakfast - half cup rice and egg; pandesal with butter
Lunch - half cup rice, pork nilaga
Dinner - pansit and bbqSnacks - taquitos and salad
Water - 4 glasses

Thursday food diary:
Breakfast - beef tapa, half rice
Lunch - half cup rice, adobo and sayote
Dinner - 3 slices pizza (bad!!!)
Water - 6 cups
Snacks - muesli

Friday food diary:
Breakfast - one cup rice, chicken wings
Lunch - muesli
Dinner - one pc chicken at kfc
Snack - spaghetti
Water - 4 glasses